New Fender Super Champ X2 Ragin' Cajun


Located in Portland, OR


For your consideration a New Fender Super Champ X2 Ragin’ Cajun wrapped in a Blonde vinyl with an ox blood grill cloth. This is an awesome little tube amp with built in effect! Great price and awesome sound!

From Fender:

Your rehearsal and recording sessions will really come alive with the unlimited tones that can be created with the Super Champ X2 combo, which takes one of Fender’s most time-honored amps and ushers it into the present with updated style and modern modifications. Rocking 15 watts of dual-channel tube amp sound and a 10″ speaker, the Super Champ X2 also delivers versatile amp voicing and a wide selection of digital effects.

Features Include: Blonde vinyl covering, Oxblood grille cloth, 10” Eminence® Ragin Cajun™ speaker, voicing knob for selection of 16 different amp types, 15 effects with level control, dual-channel switching (footswitch optional), tap tempo control for precise delay time adjustment, 1/4” line output, external speaker capability and USB output for speaker-emulated digital recording.


Year: 2020

Model: Super Champ X2 Ragin' Cajun

Weight: 31.45 pounds.

Condition: This is a brand new amp.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Awesome tube amp with an awesome price!