2019 Wang Amplifier Quasar


Located in Portland, OR


The Quasar model is a two channel amplifier delivering from 1 to 22 watts of power via a pair of 6V6 power tubes. Power attenuation is controlled by an onboard Voltage Regulator.

Channel 1, the “CHARM” channel is a reimagined Brownface Deluxe sound using an EF86 Preamp tube with huge dynamic range. Channel 2, the “STRANGE” channel tilts toward a mini-Marshall sound with a 12AX7 Preamp tube tuned to emphasize even order harmonics for sweeter sounding cleans as well as crunch tones. Crank Channel 2 and you’re on your way to break-up heaven.

Flip the secret switch on the back panel to “Hyper On”, and the tone control becomes a treble boost. Turning up the volume gives you fat cleans that quickly melt into a warm near-fuzz-like distortion, yet remains super responsive to picking dynamics and your guitar’s volume control.

The Quasar also features a Cut control to turn down high frequencies later in the circuit (which allows the tone controls to be turned further up, letting the harmonics build in the tubes), and a Voltage Regulator – the best way to attenuate an amp! Saves your tubes and your neighbor’s sanity.

Finger jointed solid pine cabinet for increased resonance (organic woody tone) and durability. Jupiter capacitors. Solid high purity copper wire with cotton insulation. Cathode biased for low maintenance, more touch sensitivity, and richer tone. US made premium Carbon Composition resistors. Weber Ceramic Silver Bell speaker. Dimensions: 21 x 17 x 9.5 inches (W x H x D) Weight: about 33 lbs.

A quality amp with a great design and amazing build quality. This one comes in a two-tone, Fawn and Black tolex cabinet wrap and a gorgeous blue and gray woven grill cloth cover. Lovely! And sounds truly marvelous to our ears. Grab your new Wang Quasar Amp today!


Year: 2019

Model: Quasar

Serial: 191010

Finish: Fawn.

Condition: This amp is in excellent condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Sweet sounding little combo from Wang Amplifiers in sunny Portland, Oregon!