1983 Fender Elite Stratocaster


Located in Portland, OR


When you need top notch Strat! For your consideration a 1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite in white! The Elite Stratocaster was released in 1983 making this example from the first year of production! This model would eventually serve as the template for the ’88 Eric Clapton signature model. Originally these guitars are known for their active pick ups designed by Paul Gagon, locking tuners, “Free Flyte” floating tremolo system and three push buttons to allow for seven different pick up combinations. This Elite however has had some cool upgrades!

Specs! This guitar is in good condition. The pick ups have been replaced with a set of EMG single coils (push buttons still function). The pots were replaced with EMG pots and wired traditionally for Volume-Tone-Tone (there is no TBX or MDX). The tuners have been replaced with Gold Sperzel locking tuners (the high E is missing its locking pin). The nut was upgraded to a Graphite nut. Nut width measures 1-3/4″. Maple neck was a depth of .77″ at the first fret and .88″ at the twelfth fret. Rosewood fingerboard with a 10″-12″ radius. It has a 25.5″ scale length. The original 21 jumbo frets are in excellent condition. Alder body finished in white. Gold Fender “Free Flyte” floating tremolo system (does not come with a bar). Comes with a non-original gig bag. Weighs 8 pounds and 2 ounces.

Needless to say this is not your average Strat! Out of the box the Elite Strat is a different flavor but with all the alterations on this first year Elite your in for something unique! The EMGs with the rewiring (no TBX or MDX) is a great compromise between the original super modern active pick ups with modern wiring and your typical passive single coil strat pick ups. Slim fast neck with excellent condition jumbo frets. Still tons of life left in this axe. Hard to believe in 3 year this is going to be a 40 year old guitar! If your looking for a unique super strat look no further!


Year: 1983

Model: Elite Stratocaster

Serial: E333204

Finish: White

Case: This guitar comes with a non-original gig bag.

Weight: 8 pounds and 2 ounces.

Condition: This guitar is in good condition.

Modifications: The pick ups have been replaced with a set of EMGs. The pots were replaced with EMG pots. The wiring was redone to function normally, V-T-T, no TBX or MDX. The nut was replaced with a graphite nut. The tuners were replaced with a set of Gold Sperzel (the high E is missing it locking pin).

Comments: Fun 80's super strat!